3 Ways School Superintendents Can Motivate Their Staff

Every school superintendent knows that keeping their staff of principals, teachers and specialty educators motivated is essential. When the faculty members are excited about their jobs, they are more likely to be productive and effective. And perhaps most importantly, the children who attend school in the district have their educational and psychological needs met. Here are a few of the best ways that school superintendents can boost morale among employees, so that everyone in the school district will benefit.

Show Appreciation

Work with the principals of each school to host an appreciation day for the teachers. Hold an assembly, the same way you would when you’re presenting awards and honors to students. Prepare certificates for teachers who do volunteer work in the community, those who have started beneficial after-school programs, and let the students vote for the teachers they feel have been especially influential.

Host a lunch for the teachers after the ceremony or provide refreshments. Gestures like these show the faculty that you notice their efforts and appreciate the hard work they do each day. This boosts staff morale and makes for productivity in coming school years.

The Education World website also suggests extending small gestures that show teachers that your value them. Leaving sticky notes on the teacher’s classroom door with a short message like “Good job!” or “You’re doing great!” go a long way with teachers. Or, you can mention the educator’s work to improve student test scores or implement creative teaching methods in the faculty newsletter.

Make the Teacher’s Lounge Relaxing

When faculty and staff have a few minutes of break time, it’s important that they relax in a teacher’s lounge that is orderly and tranquil. Provide items like comfortable chairs or an air freshener diffuser that distributes comforting scents like lavender or cinnamon around the room. You can also play relaxing and soothing music in the teacher’s lounge to make the space a temporary getaway where educators can decompress and prepare for their next class.

Provide the teachers with healthy and delicious snacks in the lounge as well. Fresh seasonal fruit and gourmet trail mixes are tasty and help to boost brain power for the long days teachers endure. Of course, quality coffees and teas in the teacher’s lounge wouldn’t hurt, and can keep the staff awake and alert throughout the day.

Be Friendly and Engaging

Finally, each time you visit the school, be friendly to all the teachers and staff. Ask them how things are going, and listen intently at their responses. It may also be best to schedule a meeting after school hours with the staff so you can have in-depth discussions with the educators. Talk to the teachers about the concerns and issues they face on a daily basis, and inquire about ways that school conditions can improve.

According to the Simple K12 blog, it’s also important to ask your teachers for advice and suggestions, and to give the teachers credit when you use an idea they’ve come up with. It’s vital that your staff knows that although you are the superintendent, you value all the input and ideas you receive from those that work under you. When you exemplify the principle of teamwork, teachers and staff members or more likely to showcase this example in the classroom and with one another.