How Can I Become A School District Superintendent?

School District Superintendent

If you love kids and want to improve the outlook of education in a specific district, then becoming a superintendent is a worthy goal to put your sights toward. Becoming a superintendent takes plenty of experience and a list of credentials that will make you the best candidate for the position. Here is a look at the requirements that it takes to become a school district superintendent, as well as a few other considerations you should make in order to get the job.

Educational Background

In order to be considered for a superintendent position, you must first have a master’s degree. According to The Chicago Tribune, each state has their own requirements in regards to the type of master’s allowed for potential candidates. In some districts, the master’s degree is not specific and it can be in a variety of different fields. However, some schools want you to have a master’s degree that is related to education and teaching. Chances are you will already have a degree that is already relevant to education, if you are currently working in a school. It is often best to continue the foundation that you have already built and work toward a master’s degree that is relevant to the bachelor’s degree that you already have.

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As mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the average superintendent first starts their career with a position inside of a school. It is  unlikely that you will be granted a position as a superintendent with only a master’s degree, no matter the degree specialty. In most cases, at least two to five years of experience in an administrative role with a school will give you some of the experience that you would need to become a superintendent. However, in many cases, to get to an administrative position, it requires that you also start out by teaching in a classroom or fulfilling another role inside of the school itself. The best way to start working toward becoming a superintendent is to first figure out a school that you want to work with and begin a career in that school or district.


If you have the proper education and experience, then you will also need to have adequate certifications before you can be hired as a superintendent. In most cases these certifications consists of a variety of tests and assessments. According to the Houston Chronicle, the certification requirements vary from district to district, so it is recommended that you learn what is necessary for your requirements, and then begin preparing to pass them. The assessment process will also take a look at the experience that you previously have working in education, as well as what you will bring to a specific district.

If you follow the above steps, then you are will be a better candidate to become a school superintendent. Keep in mind that this process takes a lot of planning and preparedness; however, if you can follow through and stay on path, then you will have what it takes to become a school district superintendent.