How do I Know if Teaching is Right for Me?

Before you take all of the steps required for becoming a teacher, it’s important to do your homework to determine if the field of education is the right career choice for you. If you’ve found yourself asking how teachers do it, you might not be fit to deal with a classroom and students and their parents. If, however, you’re a patient individual with a passion for instructing, you may have found your calling.

Teaching simply isn’t for everyone. That’s one of the main reasons there’s a growing supply shortage of experienced teachers all throughout the nation. If you’re trying to decide what you’d like to study in college, set aside time to find out if you have the right personality type to become an educator. Here’s what you should consider:

Do You Have All of the Characteristics of a Great Teacher?

It takes a certain type of person to succeed in life as a teacher. It’s a very fulfilling field to pursue, but pursuing the field without first looking at your own personality traits could be a disservice to yourself and your future students. The most important characteristic that you need to possess is patience. In the world of teaching, patience is more than just a virtue.

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You don’t just need to be patient in dealing with students during the lessons you’re teaching, you also need to be patient enough to deal with students who might be struggling with social issues or family issues. If you’re not patient and understanding, it can be difficult to maintain a pleasant classroom environment where your students feel like they can approach you.

You Should Have a Passion For Learning

Teachers will never stop learning. If you always want to expand your knowledge and you have a passion for a specific subject area, deciding what you want to teach will be much easier. Passion is what drives any student to pursue a difficult profession. You will always have to complete continuing education credits, but that shouldn’t be considered a chore. It should always be considered an opportunity to learn more.

You Must Have a Thick Skin

Don’t be surprised by your teacher friend’s reaction when you tell them you’re contemplating becoming a teacher. As a good friend, they might tell you to run. That’s not because they aren’t being supportive of your future endeavors, it’s because they know how difficult the field is.

Teaching is hard work. With every reward you receive there will also be a challenge. You have to deal with parents who will blame you for their student’s progress, students who seek attention in the wrong way, and even administration and politics that come with that. You need to be a strong-willed person with the ability to be understanding and soft in certain situations. Being a chameleon shifting between soft and thick-skinned isn’t always easy.

One effective way to make the right decision is to take a career quiz. The quiz will ask you relevant questions that will assess whether or not you have what it takes to be an educator and be happy in your line of work. Look at the subject areas and the settings that you can teach in and then assess if you have the right personality type and drive before becoming a teacher.