How do You Become a High School Psychology Teacher?

A psychology teacher holds an important position in a high school, college or university. He is responsible for teaching students about the human mind and how it affects people’s behavior. Teaching the principles of psychology is a rewarding career you might want to consider. Here are important insights on how to become a high school teacher in the US.

Get a Bachelor’s Degree

You must have a bachelor’s degree in psychology or any other field related to social sciences. A bachelor’s degree program will equip you with the knowledge and professional skills to study the human mind and how it affects behavior. It takes four years to complete the program. You will have to complete a number of general education topics, core psychology courses and some electives. Core psychology topics may include statistics, general psychology, cognitive psychology and personality psychology. Other schools allow individuals with undergraduate degrees in education and a complete set of psychology credits as their specialization.

Complete a Teacher Education Program

Teacher education programs give candidates a platform to transform and improve the life of students in public and private schools. They are licensure paths that every graduate student must follow. You must complete all the credits related to psychology and have a classroom exposure not less than 675 hours.

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Apply for a Teaching Certificate

You will need to apply for a teaching certificate once you graduate. Teaching certification requirements vary with each state. Check with your state for specific requirements. Most states require teachers to complete standardization tests before they are certified. One of the most common tests administered is Praxis. It is used to measure an applicant’s subject knowledge and mastery of basic teaching skills. Aspiring psychology teachers are required to pass all the tests given before being considered for certification. For instance, a Praxis test requires candidates to score at least 450 out of the maximum 800 to be considered.

Know Your Core Responsibilities as a Psychology Teacher

Knowing your role will make your teaching career easier. Psychology teachers typically plan and teach students about the mind and how it affects them and the society. In order to teach well, they must create instructional resources for use in classrooms, work with the administration to ensure every student attends classes, and participate in ongoing training sessions. Other responsibilities may include writing grant proposals for further research, creating projects designed to enhance lesson quality, evaluating performance and managing students’ behaviors.

Teaching psychology requires highly motivated individuals who can work well without supervision. Successful applicants must have outstanding oral and written communication skills. They must also exhibit a strong desire to conduct original research.

Job Outlook for Psychology Teachers

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, those who teach psychology in high schools earn an average salary of $57,200 per year. The employment rate is expected to increase by six percent over the next 10 years. This is considered faster than the average rate and represents huge prospects for those who want to enter into this career.

Psychology is one of the top majors offered in many colleges and universities. This presents huge prospects for those who want to enter into psychology. The tips discussed above will give you crucial insights on how to become a psychology teacher today.