Is Teaching the Right Career For Me… How Will I Know?

Working with a teaching career for your entire life is not a simple path, as it is one that often demands long hours and plenty of hard work without reaching into above a middle-class salary. When you choose to work as a teacher, you are dedicating your life to sharing the value of education with students of all ages. Understanding whether teaching is the right career for you or not can be done by consider a few different factors along your journey.

Consider Your Purpose and Motivation

Before you truly consider a career as a teacher, it is important to think of the purpose and motivation that is driving you to work as an educator for the rest of your life. Understanding the motivation you have and why you want to become a teacher is a way for you to stay focused and to genuinely put all that you have into becoming the best educator possible, regardless of whether you want to teach American History or Economics.


Having patience is a necessity when you want to work as a teacher, whether you plan to teach elementary students or if you dream career is a college professor. Being patient and having a variety of personality traits is essential to effectively communicate and connect with students from all different backgrounds, ethnicity and lifestyles.

Do You Want to Be Appreciated?

Knowing whether or not teaching is right for you can also be determined whether or not you genuinely wish to be appreciated each day upon arriving in your classroom. If your goal as an educator is to feel appreciated yourself, teaching may not be the right career for you. Feeling appreciated may come after years of dedication and hard work, and only after some of your students have long-graduated. Understanding the value of teaching is essential as it does not always come in the form of everyday compliments and flattery, especially in a classroom of students. Determining whether or not a teaching career is truly right for you can be done by making a list of your expectations versus the motivation you have to become an educator and why you want to work full-time as a teacher for your career over any other choice.

Are Your Keeping Up With the Latest Trends in Technology?

If you are capable of keeping up with the latest trends in technology, a future career in teaching may be right for you. For teachers today, it is essential to have the ability to understand using computers and smart technology to “save to the cloud” for quicker grading and a more efficient workplace. If you do not enjoy using technology and you prefer old-school methods of teaching and learning, working towards a career as an educator professionally may not be the ideal choice for you. The teaching and education industry is gearing up with even more technology to help with speeding up the process of learning for future generations.

Determining whether or not becoming an educator is right for you greatly depends on your current lifestyle, goals in the future and your overall purpose for becoming an educator. Any time you are considering a teaching career, it is essential to weigh all of the pros and cons in your life that may come of taking on the responsibility yourself.

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