What Jobs Are Available with a Master of Arts in Teaching?

Master of Arts in TeachingEducation is a diverse field that is full of career opportunities, and there are a number of jobs available with a Master of Arts in Teaching for qualified candidates. Whether looking to pursue a career working directly with students in a classroom or considering career possibilities outside of a school district, a graduate degree in teaching builds a foundation of skills and knowledge to handle a variety of tasks.

Master of Arts in Teaching Course Work

The majority of graduate students pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching degree are continuing their educations in order to work in classrooms. Common core courses to gain advanced knowledge in various education techniques, methods, and concepts include diversity in education, literacy development and language acquisition, child and adolescent development, linguistics, behavior management, differentiated instruction, best practices in education, and curriculum leadership.

Since Master of Arts in Teaching programs are most often designed to prepare graduates with state licensing and certification to teach in classrooms, most of degree candidates will choose a program that is focused in early childhood development, elementary education, or secondary education. These program tracks include additional course options such as teaching children’s literature, struggling readers and writers, and language acquisition for early childhood and elementary, or options to take courses such as assessment in mathematics, science instructional methods, and best practices in secondary composition instruction.

Earning a Master of Arts in Teaching from an accredited institution can help to prepare professionals for a number of career possibilities in education. Information on accredited programs to consider for preparing for completing a master’s degree in teaching can be found at the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education website.

Careers in Early Childhood through Secondary Education

The most common career path for a graduate with a master of arts degree in education is to teach students at all grade levels. The Master of Arts in Teaching is also a popular option for education professionals who are currently working in classrooms and are taking courses to complete professional continuing education requirements to maintain licensing and certification.

In addition to teaching in a classroom, a graduate degree in teaching can be helpful for pursuing positions as lead teacher or dean of students in some school districts. Other options to consider include curriculum development and program administration.

Careers in Teaching Outside of a K-12 District

Working in a traditional K-12 district is not the only option for educators who have completed a master’s degree in teaching. For education professionals who want to stay in classrooms, options outside of public or private school districts include teaching at colleges, universities, or abroad in English as a Second Language programs.

For education professionals interested in career opportunities outside of a classroom, one possibility to consider is pursuing positions with an education development company developing materials such as worksheets and textbooks. Government and non-profit agencies also hire professional educators for research and other positions. Another career possibility includes working with educational consulting or tutoring companies.

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By choosing the right program, a there are many professionally and personally rewarding career opportunities to consider. The jobs available with a Master of Arts in Teaching range from the classroom to an executive office.