5 Blogs for Elementary School Teachers

Professional blogs have become a great resource for people in all fields, and blogs for elementary school teachers are no exception. As a matter of fact, teachers benefit greatly from finding as many community outlets as possible.

Educators get the chance to peek into another teacher’s classroom to gather new ideas in lesson delivery, disciplinary tactics and personal stress management with well-crafted blog posts from trusted professional peers in education. Perhaps most importantly, teachers who read and compose blogs become a part of the global educational community, according to Edutopia.

5 Blogs for Elementary School Teachers

With so many benefits associated with exploring the world wide web of blogging, it is time to start. Since there is such an abundance of high-quality blogs available for elementary school teachers, following are 5 to help kick things off.

1. 4 the Love of Teaching

Ideal for new teachers trying to get a thorough grasp on classroom management, as well as seasoned veterans in the field always looking for new ideas, have much to gain from reading 4 the Love of Teaching. The fifth grade school teacher shares elements of her classroom life, as well as relevant anecdotes from her family life. She also continually strives to add creative spins to lesson plans, including incorporating activities like basketball into vocabulary lessons. Brimming with relevant posts about daily classroom life and a consistent undercurrent of love for teaching, this blog is worth checking out.

2. First Grade Delight

It is difficult to imagine a teacher surviving their first year without a solid sense of humor. Elementary school children require a sense of humor, so if teachers do not have one walking in the door, they often develop a sense of the bizarre by the middle of the first year, at least. First Grade Delight can help teachers see the lighter side of just about any classroom situation. The friendly slice-of-life approach sets the tone to help any teacher from anywhere instantly recognize various scenarios in blog posts from different contributors.

3. Ms. Cassidy’s Classroom Blog

Kathy Cassidy is a Canadian first grade teacher who draws readers into her highly creative classroom with Ms. Cassidy’s Classroom Blog. She has taken photographs and posted images of students’ art projects that include clay-based fairy tale characters and her popular Flashlight Friday program.

4. iTeach2nd

Educators looking for a straightforward blog that gets down to the nitty gritty of designing meaningful lesson plans with the best supplies can head over to iTeach2nd. This focused and earnest second grade teacher shares many lesson design ideas and other resources. The teacher understands the budget constraints that many schools face and often shares promotional codes for educational supply websites.

5. Primary Graffiti

Featuring a bright and upbeat design, Primary Graffiti focuses its content on teachers who are responsible for looping classrooms where they teach several different elementary grade levels each day. A looping classroom teacher faces challenges that most elementary school teachers do not, but single-level teachers can definitely benefit. Actually, one glimpse into the frazzled life of a looping classroom teacher may give other teachers a new perspective on their own daily classroom life.

Elementary Teachers Can Use Blogs as Support, Information and Entertainment

Blogs have become an indispensable resource for many educators and administrators. Teachers who take the time to read, as well as write, blog posts offer a service to their peers. Educators may take this list as a launch pad to find the amazing wealth of blogs for elementary school teachers available on the internet.

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