5 Qualities of Kids’ Favorite Teachers

Being a good teacher has a great effect on the learning experience and what students are able to gain from it. What exactly makes a good teacher though? Per UNICEF documents – “many definitions of quality in education exist, testifying to the complexity and multifaceted nature of the concept.” To wade through such complexity, perhaps it’s simply best to consider the opinions of the learners themselves. Through the eyes of the student, here we take a look at five qualities most commonly found in common among kids’ favorite teachers and those therefore most often considered to be effective educators.


Not too surprisingly, we all want to feel like we are among pleasant and kind people. This is especially true in a learning environment. In fact, there are many studies out there that actually show that there is a certain degree of science behind the desire to have a kind and caring teacher. In the most basic of terminology, students feel much less stressed in the end, thus making learning much easier to handle. When students are stressed, especially by the teacher’s general disposition, a real roadblock to learning can go up.


Fairness is yet another highly valued trait of what most kids today would consider one “being a good teacher”. Fairness sets a level playing ground for all, no matter personal circumstances or backgrounds. When students feel that a teacher does not always act in complete fairness, there can be a real disruption to the learning environment and student confidence therein. On the other hand, students that feel that the teacher is generally fair to all will react in a notably positive way to the even playing field that is their classroom.

An Ear for Listening

Being a good listener can directly equate to being a good educator. Teaching, or professing if you will, does indeed depend, for the most part, on the broadcast of information. This is not true 100% of the time however. When a teacher is also a great listener, they will be much more likely to hear valuable feedback, concerns, struggles, triumphs, and other important pieces of information. Whether by way of the parents’ mouths or the students’, listening changes everything, and as a result, is a favorite trait of most kids’ favorite teachers.


Patience is perhaps the virtue that dictates and oversees all others, in this list as well as those unmentioned. Without patience, the teacher may not be the best listener. Neither might they be the most fair, the most pleasant, or any of the other traits that students desire and require of them on a daily basis. Certainly, some children require more patience than others, and behavioral issues can play into this greatly. A professional educator that is also the pinnacle of patience will ultimately be more inclined to excel in all areas of student academia. This is true even when behavior is an issue.


Creativity is not necessarily the first thing we as adults most often think of when it comes to kids’ favorite traits in teachers. On the contrary, creativity is a quality that is highly prized by students in their teachers. Creativity can mean for some very fun and interest-keeping studies and activities in class. It can lead to an interesting, new way for students to communicate in class, for example. It can also mean for some great classroom decorations and props. Students absolutely appreciate this particular quality as much as any other.

Quality educational experiences most often start with the teacher. When a teacher has the right traits, students will not only enjoy their experience, but they will also learn much more freely and without hindrance. The five, above-mentioned traits are some of those most prized by students and the true marks of what one might consider being a good teacher.

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