5 Twitter Feeds for Teachers

Even the most experienced of teachers could use some help getting a fresh perspective on working with students, which is why you should read through some of the top Twitter feeds for teachers. Twitter is a social networking site that lets users create accounts and post short updates that they send out to followers. The best feeds also provide links to funny stories about teaching and articles filled with useful information.

Vicki Davis

If you ever visited the Cool Cat Teacher blog before, you already know the name Vicki Davis. As the founder of that blog, Davis created her own Twitter account that uses the @coolcatteacher handle. Called one of the best Twitter feeds for teachers, Davis started her account in 2007 and posted more than 60,000 times over the years. She also picked up more than 125,000 followers. Those followers love seeing the fun ideas she comes up with for classroom activities and the news she posts about education technology topics.

Randi Weingarten

Randi Weingarten is one of the most important and significant people in the education industry. Not only does she have a background in education, but she also serves as the head of the American Frederation of Teachers. Weingarten believes that the country should make big changes to improve the lives of both teachers and students, and she isn’t afraid to talk about her personal thoughts on Twitter. Her handle, @rweingarten, is one of the Twitter feeds for teachers who want to learn more about education policies and get active in their own communities to follow.

Sue Beckingham

Some schools forbid students from using social networking sites on school grounds, and some schools even forbid teachers from having their own social networking accounts. Sue Beckingham is an educator who believes that social networking can benefit the education field. When you follow @suebecks, you’ll learn more about technology and education. Beckingham believes that social networking has a major role in the education field and that using those sites can benefit teachers in a number of ways. She often posts short reviews of new sites and offers tips and guidance on working with your students over those sites.

Melissa Taylor

Another of the best Twitter feeds for teachers is @ImaginationSoup, which is the Twitter 24account used by Melissa Taylor. Taylor became the go-to blogger for teachers hoping to find new activities they could do with their students. Her Imagination Soup blog features creative activities like how to use LEGO blocks when teaching kids about space and how to make new covers for older books. Taylor spent a number of years working as a reading coach, in preschools and as a writer, which gives her a unique perspective on teaching. More than 20,000 Twitter users follow and check in with her daily.

Tom Whitby

Education World created a list of the top 15 Twitter feeds for teachers that included Tom Whitby. Using the handle @TomWhitby, he covers topics that you might not talk about with your fellow teachers but topics that you should certainly think about. The benefits of social networking sites for teachers, how much students should speak up in class and mobile learning are just a few of the topics he discussed in the past. Whitby also posts polls that let his more than 70,000 followers voice their own opinions.

When you have papers to grade and exams to write, you don’t have time to visit multiple blogs and read dozens of blogs. With Twitter, you can find everything you need to know in shorter and more convenient posts that take only seconds to read. Use your account to follow the best Twitter feeds for teachers.

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