Master of Arts in Teaching Programs

Master of Arts in Teaching ProgramsFor those interested in education, attending one of the top Master of Arts in Teaching Programs is a great way to enter this challenging and rewarding field. A typical program at this level focuses on preparing a student to take a leadership role in the classroom, whether at the elementary, secondary, or college level. Students take classes in topics like curriculum theory, instructional strategy, and education measurement. People who commonly enroll in a Master of Arts in Teaching Programs already have a bachelor’s degree in education. Some are pursuing education as a degree for the first time. In either case, most who graduate with this degree want to teach. Most graduates of Master of Arts in Teaching Programs go on to teach children and college students.

Details of Best Master of Arts in Teaching Programs

Whether you are interested in enrolling in one of the many traditional Master of Arts in Teaching Programs or pursuing the degree through one of the best online Master of Arts in Teaching Programs, there are a lot of top quality schools to consider.  Five of them are discussed in detail below.

  • Vanderbilt University (Peabody College of Education) – According to US News and World Report, this college of education is tops in the country for 2013. The college offers a number of specializations for those working on their MA in Teaching. Education professionals from this university are known for their ongoing research efforts. Most students entering this program receive merit-based financial aid like scholarships and teaching assistantships. Students must take the GRE and provide three letters of recommendation as part of the admissions process.
  • University of Texas – Austin – Students who enter the UT-Austin MA program in teaching can select from several specializations like foreign language instruction, early childhood education, cultural studies education, and bilingual/bicultural education. Admissions to this program requires student to complete the GRE, give letters of recommendation and provide a statement of purpose. Every year the Department has a limited number of pre-emptive fellowships to offer students. Those who apply before November 15 are automatically considered for these awards.
  • Columbia University (Teacher’s College) – The Teacher’s College is the oldest teaching college in the United States. Consistently ranked among the best, this college has taken a leadership role in transforming schools at all levels with modern education practices. Students who enter this program must complete the GRE and have three letters of recommendation. Most financial aid awarded at this level is merit-based. Students can get scholarships, fellowships, and TA positions.
  • University of Oregon – The hallmark of the UO College of Education is developing a community of education professionals to help transform policy from the ground up. Their programs focus on developing leaders who can take this work into the field. To gain entry, students need to have three letters of reference, provide a reflective essay on future plans in education, and providing a current resume.
  • University of Wisconsin – Madison – The sheer diversity of education programs available at this college marks it as unique among graduate programs. Students can specialize in fine art, counseling, occupational therapy, and special education among many other options. Students who apply to this program need to have at least two years of prior teaching experience, a letter of interest, and three letters of recommendation. The school offers a number of scholarships, fellowships, and teaching assistantships to students in the program.

If you have an interest in education, gaining entry to one of these top Master of Arts in Teaching Programs is the way to start.