Can I Enroll In An Education Graduate Program On a Part-Time Basis?

Will a part-time education graduate program offer you a much more convenient schedule as you continue to be a professional while you are a student? If you would like to earn your Master’s degree so that you can advance to a new teaching position or increase your earning potential, it is important to choose a quality program that will give you mastery in the field while still adhering to your busy schedule. There are several different program layouts to choose from when attending a for-profit or a non-profit graduate school, and sifting through all of your options before applying for admissions is important. Here are some of the many education programs you can choose from as a professional student.

How Long Will It Take to Complete a Part-time Program?

One of your biggest concerns when you are returning to school as a graduate student is how long you will need to study to earn your degree. The typical graduate program will take 2 years to complete when enrolled full-time, but as a part-time student you can spend 3 to 4 years studying. While the extended time period may not sound ideal, as a professional working in education you understand that you cannot attend the average classes on week days. For some professionals, enrolling in a part-time program is the only realistic option when it comes to advancing their education.

What Are Part-time Schedules Like for Professionals

Most professionals working in education have a busy weekday schedule, and taking off time when you work in public education is generally not a possibility. To cater to the schedules of teachers and other education specialists, many private and public graduate schools have specialized programs that meet on week nights or on alternating weekends. This gives students the chance to keep up in their professional life, spend time with the family, and still complete classes. You may also have the ability to complete some or all of your coursework online to cut down on the time it takes to commute to and from class each week.

The Advantages of Taking a Part-time Graduate Course Load

There are several advantages to completing school on a part-time basis. Not only will you have time to spend with the family, you can also keep the position you have worked hard to earn. If cost is a concern, the cost of part-time study is much more manageable because you pay less for tuition and less for books at one given time. You can use the credits you have earned and apply these credited to a full-time program if your schedule changes. This means that you can move between the two based on your personal needs.

It is important to be realistic when you are selecting any post-secondary program. As a prospective graduate student, you can respect that completing a program is a commitment from your experience earning your Bachelor’s degree in Education. Consider your schedule, how the degree will help you advance your career, and how much of a financial commitment you can make to complete a Master’s program in a single year. If you consider all of your options and you stay realistic, you can select a program that will still give you time to enjoy life as a professional and a student.