Do You Need To Take a Graduate Entrance Exam To Get a Master’s in Teaching?

Master's of Arts in TeachingIf you are interested in getting an advanced degree in education, you may be wondering if you need to take a graduate entrance exam to get Master’s in Teaching. A Master of Arts in Teaching, also referred to as an MAT, will prepare you to gain hands-on teaching experience in a specific subject area so that you can hone your expertise in an area instead of being a generalist. The program itself will teach you advanced teaching theories and how to apply these in a methodical and a stylistic manner.

If this is what you would like to gain from studying for two to three years, you will first need to meet the program’s admissions requirements. One of these requirements may be to achieve a satisfactory score on an entrance exam. While requirements vary from graduate school to graduate school. Most students applying to a Master of Arts in Teaching program will need to pass a Graduate Record Examination or a Miller Analogies Test, but not a Graduate Management Admissions Test.

What is the GRE?

The GRE, otherwise known as the Graduate Record Exam, is a standardized admissions test that many schools require you to take to prove that you have the skills you need to pass an advance course and earn your degree. The General Test is taken by prospective graduate students who want a master’s in teaching so that the admissions committee is capable of measuring your qualifications in a uniform manner and comparing these qualifications to those of other applicants.

The GRE tests you on three different areas, according to Educational Testing Services. These areas include:

  • Verbal Reasoning: Tests you on evaluating written information and using it to identify relationships and concepts
  • Analytical Writing: Tests your ability to think critically and to articulate your ideas in writing.
  • Quantitative Reasoning: Will test your problem-solving skills to determine if you are capable of basic mathematical operations.

What is the Miller Analogy Test?

If the school does not require you to take a GRE, you may be required to take another test called the Miller Analogy Test. Not as many schools will accept MAT scores for admissions, but the scores are still relevant if you have verified that the graduate school that you want to attend accepts them. The MAT tests your mental ability by giving you problems that are stated in analogies. They make you think critically and analytically and programs where these skills are important are more likely to accept MAT scores.

Why You Should Not Take the GMAT to Enter a MAT Program?

The GMAT, or Graduate Management Admissions Test, is required when you are attending a business school where you will earn your Master of Business Administration. Each test covers similar areas, but the GRE is more suited when you are earning a technical degree rather than a practice degree like the MBA. If you want to attend a graduate school, the GRE is the best choice.

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Schools will rely heavily on your GRE or MAT scores if they are an admissions requirement. One of the main reasons why they are so important is because the scores are a standardized way to compare applicants unlike GPAs. You may not need to take the GMAT, but you do need to take a graduate entrance exam to get Master’s in Teaching at most accredited schools.