What Degree Does a Business Education Teacher Need?

An aspiring business education teacher will need to earn at least a bachelor’s degree to teach K-12 students. Most of these business teachers will find teaching jobs at high school levels. Those who want to teach at the college-level will have to earn a master’s degree.

Get a Bachelor’s Degree

The best degree for these teachers is a Bachelor of Science in Business Teacher Education. This highly appropriate degree prepares graduates to teach business subjects at the middle and high school levels. These degrees provide participants with the strong business foundation needed to teach economics, accounting, marketing and management courses.

Samples business classes include oral communications, business statistics, organizational management and the principles of accounting. These programs usually include classes on common computer apps, business laws and business finance topics. Educational classes will include coursework on teaching techniques, educational psychology and computer-based teaching.

Complete an Internship

Near the completion of their degree, most prospective business teachers must complete supervised teaching internships at local schools. These internships offer excellent opportunities to gain experience in the classroom and learn from veteran professionals. Internships allow teachers to test and refine their skills. Internships will allow interns to demonstrate their leadership talents, their ability to work well with different types of people and their determination in seeing a project through to the end. Interns will make critical professional contacts that may result in future personal references and employment opportunities. Besides the benefits of networking, interns will enjoy broader perspectives and increased confidence.

Get Certified

In order to become a licensed teacher, individuals must not only complete a bachelor’s and teaching experience program, they must pass the state-approved exam with subject endorsements in business. A few states have additional requirements, such as reference letters, statements of intent and background checks. Almost all states require that prospective teachers take the nationally recognized PRAXIS II exam, while some states require specialized content exams in business. Those who graduate from career and technical education programs will most likely need to supplement their education with graduate-level certificates and field experience. Visit the Department of Education’s website to find your state’s teaching licensing requirements here.

Get a Master’s Degree

Competition is strong when it comes to teaching jobs, so a Master of Science in Teaching with a specialization in business education is the best choice. The degree enables candidates to develop the expertise and competencies needed to become excellent school instructors and business trainers. This degree and similar graduate level certificates will enhance the job seekers’ confidence and competitiveness. These degrees offer practical learning activities and realistic student engagement techniques. They provide hands-on instruction, introduce students to new technology and train students how to manage diverse student demographics and educational settings. Sample courses include business education planning, leadership and curriculum design.

There are many reasons why students select to become business education teachers. The business education degree program prepares students for stable and rewarding jobs. It offers a balanced educational background in business, teaching and general education courses. A business education teacher who pursues a graduate degree will also fulfill their annual teaching licensing continuing education requirements.

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