What is the Employment Outlook for Teachers in the Southeast?

As an education major with an interest in teaching, you may want to look at the employment outlook for teachers in certain parts of the country. Looking at the employment outlook gives you an idea of which states in the southeast have the highest need for teachers and where you might have the best chance of finding a job. This information is valuable for teachers hoping to move to a new state, too.

What are the Different Teaching Levels?

Before becoming a teacher or enrolling in a degree program, you need to decide what level you want to teach. College programs typically divide these programs between those who will teach high school students and those who will work with all other students. Some programs may put secondary and middle school teachers in the same category though, and some programs put kindergarten and preschool teachers in their own category. If you want to to teach at the college level, you’ll usually need to get your master’s degree and gain more professional experience. You may need a doctoral degree to teach at some colleges.

What is the Overall Employment Outlook for Teachers?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that the need for teachers will grow by a rate of seven percent through 2026. This represents the addition of almost 60,000 new teaching jobs. The need for teachers in the southeast will grow at a comparable rate. States in this region include Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and Virginia and include major cities like Orlando, Atlanta and Charlotte.

Why Do Some Areas Have a Higher Need for Educators?

Some areas have a higher or greater need because there are not enough teachers. This often occurs because of a rapid growth within a certain geographical area. This is especially common in regards to suburbs located outside of major southern cities. As residents move away from the cities to the suburbs, those neighborhoods quickly grow in size. The new schools built will need new teachers for the influx of students. Some areas in the south like Charlotte and Atlanta have a higher need because of the abundance of newer charter schools.

How Does Employment Outlook Relate to Pay?

When looking at the employment outlook for teachers in the southeast, you might wonder how that relates to the income you will make. Though some people think that areas with a higher need will pay more, this isn’t always true. Rural communities have fewer tax dollars to spend on education costs and cannot afford to pay teachers a high salary. Urban areas many not have enough funds per student to pay teachers a higher salary. Charter schools and private schools in these areas will often pay more.

As a teacher working in the southeast, you have the option of working in charter, public and private school and can choose between working with younger or older kids. Whether you want to work in a rural or urban setting, you need to look at the employment outlook for teachers in the southeast to find out which areas have a high need for educators.