What Types of Teachers are Most Needed in the South?

In recent years, the southern states have begun to experience a serious teacher shortage that places the education of thousands of kids at risk. Although this shortage is caused by multiple factors such as an increased rate of attrition due to retirement, it is also understood that the current population growth in certain states has made it difficult for schools to keep up their staffing. According to the U. S. News and World Report, the demand for teachers is expected to grow over the next ten years as the population of school-aged children increases, and teachers in these three areas of specialization will be the highest in demand.

Reach Out to Bilingual Students

Southern states often have a high rate of students who speak English as a second language due to their diverse populations. While states bordering Mexico tend to have an increased number of Spanish-speaking students, other languages such as French, Arabic, and Chinese continue to dominate in the public and private education systems. In an effort to help these children be successful, southern schools often incorporate a bilingual program into their curriculum. Unfortunately, the teacher shortage has led to many of these programs being closed, despite the high rate of success they provide for the children that they serve. Future teachers who are interested in becoming a bilingual teacher should include a foreign language study in their degree program and focus on classes that highlight working with students from diverse populations.

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Help Kids With Special Needs Succeed

Children with special needs are often included in regular classrooms and provided with assistance as needed. However, students with severe disabilities may be placed in a program designed to fit their current skills and abilities. Special education teachers may work with students who have autism, physical challenges or learning disabilities. While the job is demanding, special education teachers tend to find that the rewards are worth the extra effort when they see a student make progress. With the growing awareness and increased efficacy of testing, the population of children with special needs is expected to continue to grow. This places schools under increased pressure to hire teachers with an educational background that emphasizes the skills needed to help children overcome their challenges.

Provide Advanced Education Services

Advancements in the science and technology fields have created new career positions that require students to have an early introduction to the fundamentals of these fields. Unfortunately, this has led to a teacher gap because many teachers that are currently working focused on specializing in reading and language arts. Schools that offer advanced education programs such as computer technology and robotics require teachers to be able to teach courses that allow kids to master the basics of science before they enter secondary education programs. The ideal teacher for advanced science and math courses should have a firm grasp of the concepts covered in the class. They should also be capable of adapting their lessons plans and approach to changes in the science and technology fields.

Teachers who choose to specialize in high demand areas increase their ability to secure a position within their preferred schools. While these three areas tend to require extra effort from teachers, their importance in the educational system also means that they tend to draw the most support from administrators. As the teacher shortage continues to grow, those who rise to the challenge of filling in the gaps are rewarded by an exciting career that allows them to help every child in their classroom reach their fullest potential.