Where in the U.S. Do Teachers Earn the Most Money?

Wondering about how geographic location can affect a teacher salary? Curious about where you should move if you want to maximize your earning potential as a teacher? Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics conclusively shows that teachers in some areas are paid more than others. Let’s explore some of the regions in the USA where teachers are paid the most money.

Preschool Teachers

Nebraska residents greatly value their preschool teachers as evidenced by the fact that Nebraska is the state in the USA with the best-paid preschool educators. The mean annual preschool teacher’s salary in Nebraska is $41,970. Preschool teachers in big cities can earn substantially higher paychecks. In the Vineland, New Jersey area, early childhood education teachers earn mean annual paychecks of $55,200.

Elementary School Teachers

The state of New York pays its education teachers higher salaries than any other state in the USA pays its teachers. These educators earn mean annual wages of $77,330. Surprisingly, it isn’t the New York City / White Plains / Jersey City metropolitan area where teachers are earning the highest paychecks; mean salaries in that area are slightly lower than the state mean, calculated at $75,700 yearly.

Special Education Teachers

Delaware is the US state with the best-paid special education teachers. In 2016, these professionals earned mean annual salaries of $80,350. In some major metropolitan areas of the USA, it’s possible to earn higher salaries as a special education teacher. In the Washington, D.C. area, special ed teachers can earn mean annual salaries of $84,910.

Middle School Teachers

In the State of New York, the mean annual salary for a middle school teacher is $78,060. This is the top paying state for middle school educators; New York also includes the major metropolitan area, New York City, with the best paid middle school teachers. Middle school educators in the New York / White Plains / Jersey City metropolitan area earn salaries averaging $76,500 per year.

High School Teachers

High school teachers tend to have the best earning potential in the state of Alaska, where they enjoy annual mean salaries of $82,020. Of all the high school teachers in major metropolitan areas, the highest paying region in the USA is the Nassau County and Suffolk County area of New York. Motivated high school teachers in that area can earn mean annual wages of $99,090.

These are the areas of the USA where teachers are paid the highest salaries. US states each have their own requirements for teaching eligibility, and it can be a hassle to update your credentials when you decide to move to a new state. To avoid these inconveniences, it is beneficial to consider these and other options and decide where you want to teach before you earn your credentials.

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It’s important to keep in mind that a teacher’s salary is only a small part of the picture. Local cost of living in these areas is another essential consideration. Many of the areas mentioned above are notoriously expensive areas to live. Before accepting an offer in an unfamiliar area, it’s wise to do some research to find out whether your projected earnings will comfortably cover your expenses. Benefits such as sick leave, paid vacation time and 401k plans should also be considered when evaluating which offer to accept. If you consider all these factors in addition to the teacher salary, you’ll be in good shape to accept the best possible offer that you receive.