5 Great Blogs for High School Teachers

Secondary school teachers work with students ranging in age from 13 to 19 every day, and looking at some of the best blogs for high school teachers can help you find new tricks to use with those students. Many of these blogs feature stories and articles from teachers facing the same issues as you. To get a new perspective on educating high school students, check out some great blogs.

The Nerdy Teacher

Thanks to hit television shows like “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones,” nerd culture is hotter than ever before. The Nerdy Teacher is a blog run by an educator who teaches so-called nerdy topics like American literature and English composition for freshmen. He loves talking about new and fun ways that you can engage students, including using a Raspberry Pi to create a unique photo booth and turning your classroom into a mock trial when teaching books written by Mark Twain.

Learning in Hand

Tony Vincent launched Learning in Hand long before schools began requiring that students use laptops and tablets in their classes. This is one of the best blogs for high school teachers interested in introducing technology into their own classrooms. Though some posts are technical in nature and require a basic understanding of new tech, other posts are simple enough for anyone to follow. You can pick up tips on which apps to use with high school students, social networking accounts you should follow and projects that your students might enjoy.

Just a Substitute Teacher

When creating a list of the top blogs for high school teachers and other educators, Scholastic include Just a Substitute Teacher. Though the man behind the blog refuses to divulge his real name, he does post entertaining and funny stories under the pseudonym Mr. Homework. Mr. Homework frequently shares stories of both his best days and worst days working as a sub. Reading through this blog will give you a new perspective on the problems that substitutes face and may make you wish Mr. Homework could sub for your class too.

Those Who Can, Teach

Those Who Can, Teach is a great blog for high school English teachers. The author, an English teacher herself, posted articles about her journey as a new teacher and the steps she took before gaining national certification. Some of her best blogs are the book reviews she does. Instead of focusing on education books or books for professionals, she writes reviews of young adult literature. You can get an idea of which books are appropriate for your students and which books you can use in the coming school year. Other posts focus on helping students develop better writing skills and ways you can teach certain books. Those Who Can, Teach also features articles written by teachers from across the country.

Living the Dream

Some of the best blogs for high school teachers offer helpful tips from long-time teachers like the teacher behind Living the Dream. Diana Laufenberg taught both history and government classes in the past and found great ways to keep students entertained. Her blog features some fun projects and activities you can do that will make high school students actually care about history. Some of her posts also focus on teaching historical themes and showing kids the connections between different eras instead of teaching one time period or era at a time.

Whether you teach English, math, science or even art to high school kids, you’ll find some great resources that your students will love as much as you do. When looking for tips and new project ideas, read some of the top blogs for high school teachers.

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