5 Great Online Forums for Teachers to Share Ideas

Online Gathering Places For Today’s Educators

  • A to Z Teacher Stuff
  • The Education Forum
  • teaAchnology
  • The Teacher’s Corner
  • ProTeacher

Like most other professions, educational resources have migrated online, creating dynamic and informational communities in which teachers can come together to discuss new innovations in education, classroom practices, and new ideas they’ve come up with to make their educational practices more effective, interesting, and fun for their students. Here are five great online forums for teachers to share ideas.

1. A to Z Teacher Stuff

This lively forum has it all – grade-range specific forums, forums for special subject teachers like music and physical education instructors, discussion on teacher examinations, and lots more. There are resources and discussions on lesson planning, behavioral management, and even a casual forum in which teachers can connect on a personal level and discuss a multitude of topics. A to Z is principally dedicated to K-12 teachers in both public and private schools, including Montessori instructors.

2. The Education Forum

An expansive forum featuring subject-specific forums from Chinese to technology, discussions on educational issues, and educational conference discussions, the Education Forum also features forums in different languages, especially for European instructors. There are also forums dedicated to the discussion of controversial issues in history in the classroom, from JFK’s assassination to the Cold War. With teachers from all over the world participating in this forum, the Education Forum is a dynamic, interdisciplinary, and highly educational online community for teachers to come together and learn from and with one another.

3. teAchnology

With more than thirty-seven thousand members, teaAchnology is a catchall forum for educators across multiple disciplines and grade levels. The forum boasts discussion areas for specific grade ranges, core discipline areas like language arts and social studies, special education, and lots more. For teachers who may just be starting out in their educational careers, teAchnology is an ideal forum to begin exploring the ins and outs of everyday practice and connecting with other educational professionals.

4. The Teacher’s Corner

The Teacher’s Corner isn’t just a brilliant forum for educators of every stripe – it’s also a resource center for classroom activities, lesson planning worksheets, general education worksheets, and lots more. Ideal for teachers who are looking to get a jumpstart on their educational year (not to mention support and advice from other teachers), The Teacher’s Corner represents a bountiful resource for educators of all kinds.

5. ProTeacher

ProTeacher’s colorful and broad-ranging forum doesn’t just feature the typical forum resources for teachers that you might expect – it also features forums on scholastic mental health, family interventions, inspirations for instruction, and forums for librarians, teacher assistants, and substitute teachers. Formulated for teachers preschool through high school, ProTeacher is an excellent resource for any educator working in public or private scholastic institutions.

No matter what grade you teach or how long you’ve taught, each of these forum resources for teachers represents a rich resource for deepening your understanding of the field of education – and for finding support from your fellow educators when you need it most.