5 Great Podcasts for Teachers

If you’re a teacher and understand the wonderful new world of podcasts, you’re probably wondering, what are the best podcasts for teachers? Podcasts can tell stories, preach topics of conversation, and even give ideas and advice on varying topics. Teachers can use podcasts in their classrooms for their students or at home to help them find ideas on bettering education. The following list of 5 great podcasts for educators can offer a variety of services.

1. Talks with Teachers

This podcast is one of the most well-known within the topic of education. Led by English teacher Brian Sztabnik, Talks with Teachers features stories and inspiration given by some of the country’s greatest educators. This podcast is mostly meant for English educators or anyone involved in literacy education. However, any teacher can find inspiration listening to this podcast. Each episode features educators that talk about their lives as teachers, what worked for them, what didn’t and the varying degrees of wisdom they gained in their years of experience.

2. Middle School Matters

With more than 300 episodes, this podcast has fast become one of the most popular of its kind. Mainly focused on Middle School educators, the episodes are likened to “teacher’s lounge” discussions. Each episode features practical conversations about the everyday life of a teacher. Not only do they discuss the life of a teacher in a “shop talk” type of manner, but discussions also include more specific topics of teaching, like teaching strategies, lessons, and advice on handling Middle School students. After every episode, Middle School Matters adds detailed show notes about the episode on their website, offering links and videos.

3. The Teachers’ Lounge

Listed on Scholastic’s list of Podcasts for Teachers and Kids, this podcast features teachers that interview other teachers, authors, and professionals about the world of education. They talk about the challenges of teaching, the love of education, and spend time just plain chatting. The show is meant to encourage teachers through their many stresses, help them succeed, and give them the necessary tools to do so. The Teachers’ Lounge believes strength lies in numbers and offers support to their fellow teachers.

4. EduAllStars

This podcast may seem like a more generic one to some, but it is filled with terrific insight and information regarding education. Meant for teachers of any grade and any topic, episodes feature teachers from all over the country who are making a difference in their field. You can hear from teachers and students alike on topics of education, technology, and innovation. Teachers looking to up their game, innovate their teaching methods, and find amazing advice from veteran teachers can find what their looking for with EduAllStars.

5. K-12 Greatest Hits

Hosted by BAM radio, this podcast features the most popular segments of 14 different education associations. You can listen to episodes from the PTA, NACCP, NHSA, NAEYC, and the AASA; just to name a few. Meant for every sort of teacher teaching every sort of student, this podcast offers insightful and compelling thinking on education issues that face the country. Teachers can listen to some of the most leading thinkers in the country for advice, lesson plans, inspiration, and hope.

Podcasts have become a popular and inexpensive way for many people to gather information and entertainment. As a teacher, podcasts can offer you information, advice, support, and hope as you travel through your education journey. This list of 5 great podcasts for teachers can help you unwind, find strength and support, discover new ideas, and find ways to become closer to your students and their parents.

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