5 Popular Managed Learning Environments

What are MLE’s, or managed learning environments, and what are some of the best ones out there? This is our subject of focus in this post. Let’s get on to the basic definition of MLE’s as well as those most popular among them.

Understanding the MLE

MLE’s, or managed learning environments are typically virtual environments with which educational efforts can be administered to a select group of recipient students. MLE’s are typically employed by private companies and organizations but can also be seen put to use within the government and other miscellaneous operations.

An example might be seen in a major retail company. Aside from daily responsibilities in sales and service, employees might be expected to login to the company’s MLE and participate in virtual lectures, lessons, and even quizzes and tests. For this example retailer, the MLE may likely focus on employee education with regard to sales advocacy and customer relations.

On the other hand, an animal rights organization for example may school its associates through an MLE that is focused solely on teaching animal rights concepts and enforcement procedures. Every entity has its own, custom MLE, with some being created in-house and others created and managed by outside providers.

Now, with definitions aside, let’s take a look at some of the market’s most popular, publicly available MLE’s.

24×7 Learning

24×7 Learning is an extremely popular and fully customizable MLE solution. First, the client provides this MLE creator with a map of their business: goals, procedures, best practices, common areas of employee challenges and proficiencies, and more. A fully customized MLE is then created by the company so as to serve every goal of the company’s virtual learning facilities. Should adjustments and adaptations be needed in the future, the company will continue to partner with its client whenever needed.


AccessPlanit is another great managed learning environment that is available to public consumption. It is customizable and marketed to suit the needs of three areas: commercial training businesses, learning and training departments, and other, various eLearning platforms. This versatility certainly draws a greater customer base, serving not only the needs of private employers and organizations but also the needs of training businesses in particular. In addition to its educational offerings, AccessPlanit provides the administrating force behind the MLE with real-time reporting, employee statistics, progress reports, and much more.

Accord LMS

Accord LMS is an MLE option that is well-reviewed and well-liked because of its focus on efficiency and ease-of-use. Subscribers are afforded flexible pricing programs, acknowledging groups as opposed to pricing for each individual to be trained. Mobile and PC-based learning platforms offer flexibility to all types of employee learners, at headquarters and on-the-go. The simplified interface also makes life and learning easier for its users. For all these reasons, Accord LMS is quite the popular option in MLE providers.

Seminar eLearning System

The Seminar eLearning System is a popular MLE program based out of the UK. Mobility is a key plus with this system as any user, student or administrator may access all wares via mobile app. Another great advantage to the Seminar eLearning System is its ability to let the client design much of its format, media, and lesson plans. Incorporate company slides, infographics, videos, PDF files and more. Completely custom-build a virtual classroom and the lessons held therein. This is another great offering in the way of popular MLE’s that feature supreme versatility.

Active Mind Solutions

The final spot on our list of MLE’s goes to yet another UK-based outfit – Active Mind Solutions. This MLE provider represents an affordable, yet effective and customizable MLE option. Aside from its MLE offerings though, Active Mind Solutions garners plenty of additional patronage through its comprehensive, web production offerings. Design your ideal MLE, create a website, and even build company software all via this singular entity in the MLE market.

MLE is an important part of the continued training and educational initiatives of many of today’s businesses and organizations. These are five of the best, most popular options available in this market at the current time. If you are someone interested in managed learning environments for your company or organization, inquire with these five trusted providers and compare offerings and price points for your individual needs.