5 Reasons to Consider Substitute Teaching

Reasons to Become a Substitute Teacher

  • Make a Difference
  • Flexible Hours
  • Variety
  • Freedom
  • Job Availability

Contrary to popular belief, substitute teaching is not simply walking into a class and showing a movie. A good substitute teacher will be flexible, authoritative and come prepared in case the regular teacher failed to leave behind lesson plans. If you are looking for a career that allows for flexibility, variety and the opportunity to make a different in the lives of kids, look no further than substitute teaching.

1. Make a Difference

It is hard to believe that there is a career out there that is both flexible and that allows you to make a difference in children’s lives — both within the classroom setting and in the community as a whole. When you are a substitute teacher, you can have a positive effect on your students — even during difficult days when you might not realize it right away.

2. Flexible Hours

Although one may not consider substitutes as their own bosses and, therefore, making their own hours, the truth is — they are. One of the huge benefits of being a substitute teacher is being able to seek employment and work when you want to, not when your boss says you have to. You can also plan your schedule as far in advance as you wish. Also, you don’t need to juggle vacation days around for family trips since you can set your own work days.

3. Variety

Are you someone gets bored easily? As a substitute teacher, your work environment is constantly changing. For instance, one day you could be singing the alphabet in a Kindergarten classroom, and the next day, you could be playing basketball with rowdy teenagers in physical education class. One of the benefits of being a substitute teacher is that you can experience everything, and each day is exciting and new. Although this does mean that you must be able to understand a variety of subject matters and be able to switch tracks, if you’re looking for a little challenge and fun experience, substituting may afford you this opportunity.

4. Freedom

Remember being a kid and looking forward to summer? Substitute teachers relieve this feeling every day. As a substitute, you can also enjoy working August to June and enjoy three work-free months over the summer. If you are a substitute parent and also a teacher, this freedom is particularly attractive since it means you can plan vacations more easily. With your children off of school at the same time you are out of work, you can plan all types of family activities that you might not otherwise be able to do with a 9 to 5 job. However, if you love to work rather than lounging all day, freedom in the summer allows you to find part-time work in child care centers, summer camps or as a summer tutor.

5. Job Availability

As a substitute teacher, your work will, naturally, take place at a school. This is positive news, especially if you live in a larger county with numerous elementary, middle, high schools and other academies, daycares and institutions. If you multiply the tens of jobs available in each grade, you can see that the job possibilities are vast. Due to the increased job availability, substitute teachers can afford to be picky and work only with elementary students or solely with high school students if they so desire. Again, flexibility is key, and substitute teachers can always find work, whether the positions are in their immediate communities or they are able to travel a little farther to neighboring counties.

There’s more to a great substitute teacher than simply following a predetermined lesson plan. They’re responsible for ensuring the children receive quality education while their regular teacher is absent, according to Teacher.org. You are tasked with keeping students motivated and on track, even if you only substitute for one day or perhaps a week. Plus, there’s no better feeling than knowing your substitute teaching helped a child understand a math problem or scientific theory that was previously difficult for them.