5 Tips for Staying Healthy During Student Teaching

5-tips-for-staying-healthy-during-student-teachingStudent teaching is the pinnacle of a teaching degree. This is your chance to put everything you have learned into practice, gaining experience that can prepare you for your own classroom.

While you get exposed to teaching in the real world, you will unfortunately also be exposed to all the germs in the school.

If you do not want to be out sick during the most important part of your education, here are five tips to stay healthy.

1. Carry Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is designed to kill most germs. This means that with one squirt, you can quickly eradicate the majority of germs that might make you sick. It is good to have hand sanitizer available at all times, but it is especially critical to use it before you eat. There are bottles you can buy to fit on keychains or zippers, which can be an easy way to make sure hand sanitizer goes with you wherever you go. It is also worthwhile to buy a few pumps for the classroom. If you can encourage kids to use hand sanitizer as well, you can minimize the spread of germs.

2. Wipe Down Surfaces

Schools have janitorial staff, but the normal cleaning regimen does not extend beyond the floors and white boards. That means that desks and chairs do not get cleaned regularly. This is unfortunate since these are the surfaces that collect the most germs throughout the school day. If you are serious about staying healthy, you should take the time to wipe down as many of those surfaces as possible on a daily basis. Disinfecting wipes are a convenient way to do this, but sanitizing spray may also be used. At the very least, wipe down your own desk and computer to minimize your personal exposure.

3. Get Vaccinations

Vaccinations can provide immunity against some of the most dangerous illnesses around. Always be sure that your vaccinations are up to date before you start your student teaching experience. It can also be worthwhile to get voluntary vaccinations such as the flu shot. The flu may be a common illness, but it is also one that can wipe you out. If you miss a week of student teaching due to the flu, you are missing out on a week of valuable instruction time. Vaccinations can help keep you in the classroom.

4. Eat Healthy

Being healthy is a good way to stay healthy. Make sure you eat a balanced diet and drink your fluids. Fruits and vegetables are especially important. These foods can keep your immune system boosted naturally, giving you an extra edge against illness. If you want to be even more proactive, consider adding supplements into your diet. There are various vitamin supplements that may be able to provide extra immunity to ward off germs.

5. Practice Good Hygiene

No matter how hard you try, you will still be exposed to germs. Therefore, practice good hygiene to keep the germs from getting inside your body. Always wash your hands thoroughly before you eat and after any prolonged interaction with students. Consider changing your clothes immediately when you get home, and taking a shower each day can make sure that you are free of germs. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth unless you are confident that your hands have been thoroughly sanitized. These areas are the most likely spots for germs to enter.

Staying healthy is the only way to stay on your game. Try these tips, and make sure you stay in the classroom this semester.

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