5 Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

5 Great Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Special Refreshment Cart with Daily Treats for Teachers
  • Stock the Teacher’s Lounge with Pampering Supplies
  • Craft Explosion made by Students, Parents and Peers
  • Teacher Survival Kits
  • The Gift of Time

Teacher Appreciation Week is a good time to take stock of the enormous responsibilities that teachers are asked to shoulder especially when school is in session. Work often extends beyond school hours to grade papers and projects, prepare lesson plans and consult with parents if requested. It is also widely acknowledged that teachers are not paid nearly enough, considering the rigorous credentials they have to earn to qualify and maintain their positions and the middling raises that they are given if at all. Showing appreciation for teachers during this special week is an opportunity to reciprocate their good work and compassion typically in a lighthearted way.

1. Special Refreshment Cart with Daily Treats

Plan on a daily theme, and choose the treats and refreshments of the day based on the theme. The PTO Today magazine suggests loading a refreshment cart with beverages and snacks following the theme of the day, and assign parent or student volunteer to go around to the teachers early in the day so that they can have their choice of treats each day of the week. Be creative with the theme, but the choice of treats need not be complicated. Decorate the refreshment cart according to the theme, and have the cart volunteers wear a themed costume.

2. Stock the Teacher’s Lounge with Pampering Supplies

Start by cleaning and freshening up the teachers’ lounge to create a relaxing atmosphere. Turn the lounge into a retreat by including massage chairs or lounge seats that may be borrowed or rented for the week. Stock the room with personal-size lotions, aromatic oils and special nonalcoholic spa beverages. Schedule mini massage therapy sessions at lunch hour, and provide gift cards for spa services that teachers can use at their leisure.

3. Craft Explosion made by Students, Parents and Peers

Crafting for teachers as part of an appreciation project is fairly common. Take it up a notch by having students and parent volunteers collaborate on projects that can become permanent displays at the school. Steer the efforts towards functional items that teachers can use in the classroom or in their homes such as decorated bins for organizing supplies, vases and paintings. As an alternative, classes can work together to create murals on canvas, craft paper or directly on walls if allowed. Textile crafts that can double as a classroom rug, wall hanging or throw blanket are some projects that will be treasured for a long time.

4. Teacher Survival Kits

Teachers constantly need supplies that they often have to replenish themselves. Show some appreciation for their efforts by packing some of these basic supplies in decorated bins, but personalize the package by adding a package of the teachers’ favorite snack, candy or promotional items from their favorite book, movie or band. Make this survival kit memorable by including functional as well as fun items.

5. The Gift of Time

Teachers are under time pressure to accomplish dozens of tasks within the school day. Use this week to give each teacher a break of a few hours or so by scheduling a classroom takeover with a substitute, volunteer or floater teacher taking over classroom duties. The teacher can use the time to relax in the lounge, complete paperwork in the library or go shopping.

Teacher Appreciation Week is a wonderful opportunity to show gratitude and support for teachers and the ancillary staff in schools. There aren’t many rules when it comes to what supportive parents and communities can do during this week, but it is a chance to let teachers know that their time and efforts are valued.